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Enterprises get just 43% value from existing technologies. CTPRD's initiative called “Enterprise CLINIC” is to help organisations visualize, explore & live 'Digital Transformation' by 'connecting the dots'to have competitive advantage and scale the pinnacle of success in business fulfillment by the use of disruptive technologies.


Any company trying to compete must figure out a way to engage the mind of every employee
- Jack Welch

According to Gartner by 2015, 50% of large organizations will implement some form of FB like system.

Social media is usually used to- better engage & retain customers,
to attract prospects, make sales, help customers solve problems.
But it still seems to be much harder for organizations to understand social 'on the inside' and why it matters.
Social Outside isn't effective without Social Inside!

Enterprise Social collaboration could help in following ways-

- Enhance Communication
- Aligning Employees to organization culture
- Knowledge Sharing
- Crowdsourcing of contents & ideas
- Collaboration
- Content Sharing
- Locate experts
- Reduce service costs/ deflect support calls
- Grow brand advocacy.

Social Business could improve on all business metrics of an enterprise.

Download Whitepapers to know more: Social Business- Engaging for Success! | Social Enterprise- Creating value at all interfaces | What Social Business is not …! | Social Governance- is Smart Governance



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