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Enterprises get just 43% value from existing technologies. CTPRD's initiative called “Enterprise CLINIC” is to help organisations visualize, explore & live 'Digital Transformation' by 'connecting the dots'to have competitive advantage and scale the pinnacle of success in business fulfillment by the use of disruptive technologies.


Poor onboarding is a major cause for human resources related problems like employee churn & low productivity. A recent survey of 780 CEOs showed that addressing “talent shortages” takes priority over “operational execution”.  IDC estimates that the average worker spends up to 35% of their time just looking for information. Initial 45 days are critical for any employee. This is when 1/3 of the employee churn happens. Cost of losing an employee is 3x the annual salary.

Social Onboarding can help in bridging the limitations of the traditional onboarding system. In Social Onboarding, new hire could choose which groups are pertinent to him based on his role and interests. News feeds give constant updates on the activities taking place on a project. Experts are added to the group where they could collaborate with the team. It helps create “the borderless workplace” across multiple geographical locations. Social Onboarding & Social Learning can streamline on-boarding processes, speed time to competency & future-proof your organization.
Download our white paper: Driving “People Excellence” through Social Onboarding



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