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Enterprises get just 43% value from existing technologies. CTPRD's initiative called “Enterprise CLINIC” is to help organisations visualize, explore & live 'Digital Transformation' by 'connecting the dots'to have competitive advantage and scale the pinnacle of success in business fulfillment by the use of disruptive technologies.


More than a technology or platform, a Social Community is about people. There could be technology worth millions but if people are not engaging, the social communities are bound to fail. There are companies which feel that the social community is just another channel like email or phone and is not adding any real value to the enterprise. How to build effective social community is a major concern before enterprises.

Building Social Strategy- Post methodology ( Forrester)

P- People| O- Objective| S-Strategy| T- Technology
1) Study the people you intend to target with social media
2) Define the objectives you hope to achieve
3) Create a strategy to reach your goals
4) Choose the appropriate social technologies and platforms.

Social communities could add lot of value if it’s properly built and nurtured within an enterprise.

Download White Paper: Social Communities: Don’t end up making them virtual ghost towns.




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